Therapeutic Exercise

What is Therapeutic Exercise?

Therapeutic exercise refers to a wide variety of physical activities which restore the body’s ability to function. This includes the integration of exercises involving strength, endurance, flexibility, mobility, and balance. These exercises are targeted at specific muscle groups with specific neuromuscular demands based on the patient’s condition, and stage of progress in rehabilitation.


Phases of Therapeutic Exercise

The beginning stages of Therapeutic Exercise are focused primarily on reducing inflammation and restoring range of motion to the injured area. Once inflammation is under control, the patient can begin mobilizing restricted areas through an array of stretches and self myofascial release techniques. These mobility techniques are geared toward functional movement patterns, and releasing the mechanisms which restrict range of motion in these movements.

Once normal range of motion has been restored to the joints and musculature, gentle stability exercises are administered in order to support the the structures in surrounding area. From here, the patient will progress through muscular strength, endurance, and mobility. This progression enables the patient to resume normal, pain free, functioning.

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