Metabolic Testing

What is metabolic testing?

Metabolic testing is an invaluable tool for understanding individual caloric/energy needs. The body burns calories at every conscious and unconscious moment. It uses the fuel provided through food to facilitate its routines and processes. 

Every individual burns fuel at a different rate, depending largely on factors such as age, body composition, hormonal levels, and lifestyle choices. While you can certainly estimate your caloric needs, the only way to truly know is through metabolic testing.

Once an exact metabolic rate has been measured, this information can be used to more precisely regulate energy intake and expenditure. Precise metabolic knowledge helps to create a customized, efficient, and attainable diet and exercise plan. This ensures that you are properly fueled to meet the metabolic demands of your activity level. 

Testing for weight management

Metabolic testing is very popular in the general population as a tool for weight loss and to enhance body composition. With improvements in body composition, metabolic rate can be increased. A diet and exercise proram focused on muscle gain and fat loss will improve the body’s metabolism and composition over time.  

Testing for athletic performance

Metabolic testing is also popular among performance athletes, particularly those looking to compete within the context of a specific weight class. Oftentimes, these athletes are pushing the lower limits of body fat percentage (i.e. 3-5%), and exact measurements are necessary in order to remain energized and avoid a hyper catabolic state in the midst of a competition season.